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Opensource strengthens independence

"With true opensource, you have the right to determine your own destiny."
~Linus Torvalds (father of Linux operating system)

Some important advantages
  • License-free and powerful community versions available plus economical additional services (open-core business model)
  • Linux operating systems are extremely robust, reliable and secure
  • Solutions available for Windows switchers (Linux-MINT and Libre Office)
  • Enable and strengthen independence, data autonomy and corporate value
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs than with proprietary ("purchased/paid") software
  • The programs (source code) are publicly available
  • A large developer community develops voluntarily and free of charge out of idealism and enthusiasm
  • Broad support and lots of information publicly available (forums, YouTube, experts)
  • Open data formats independent of suppliers

List of used open source resources and tools

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